YFSE is the acronym for the YOUTH FOUNDATION FOR SPORTS AND ENVIROMENT. As the name implies, are three areas we want to help Costa Rican society. YFSE developed in each of these three points, specific programs aimed at the same goal: To promote awareness of the importance that represents the rescue and protection of forests to preserve life on Earth.


It arouses particular concern to Costa Rica international experts have predicted that Central America could become a desert this year. Every hour, 108 acres of forest are destroyed in this region. Every minute disappears a portion of a forest the size of a football field.

Beyond offering an answer to the big question “Are we in time to save life on the planet?” – YFSE’s mission is to act based on saving forests and wildlife habitat that still exist, as a way to reverse the destructive processes leading inexorably to end of life.

It is the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels in industrial activities and transport, due to the accelerated development of industries of the great powers of the world and population growth have produced sensitive increases in the amounts of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide carbon in the atmosphere, given the limited regenerative capacity, resulting another problem: deforestation.

The result is none other than the so-called "greenhouse effect", which involves raising the planet's temperature caused by the action of a certain group of gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, some of them massively produced by man.

Pollution of the atmosphere causes it to become thicker, preventing radiation to escape out into space and thus causing global warming. Typically, the radiation comes in light waves that warm the Earth, and then the heat escapes back into space in the form of infrared radiation; some of this radiation is trapped in part by the atmosphere to maintain a suitable temperature for life.

Global warming refers to the increase in global temperature since the late nineteenth century; this problem has its origin in human activity, mainly by emissions of carbon dioxide that have increased the greenhouse effect. The forecasts are not very encouraging, it is estimated that temperatures will continue to rise if action to reverse this process is not taken.

Every year millions of acres of tropical forests disappear. Between 1960 and 1990 more than 20% (33% in Asia and 18% in Africa and Latin America) have disappeared. The absorption of carbon dioxide and oxygen generation, essential for life depend on the process of photosynthesis of plants, but the destruction of forests shows no signs of stopping; on the contrary, deforestation of the Amazon still moves at a rate faster than in the 1980s, when this phenomenon aroused worldwide interest.

Forests are the main shelter for biodiversity on the planet. Its existence allows the water cycle to normally occur. When a forest is destroyed, rain decreases and climate gets warmer and dry. Also, rain water can not be absorbed and retained by the bare ground. As a result, rivers evaporate in the dry season, but overflow and cause flooding during the rainy season, causing major disasters, as the trees protect soil and river basins.

Putting all a grain of sand is possible to put a stop to self-destruction . Without assuming the magnitude of the problem, man continues sacrificing their survival by industrialization. YFSE hand , Costa Rica has a great opportunity to set a precedent and be a small example for large devastating forces.