Alexander Skutch

Alexander Skutch1

Bird love. United States of America - Costa Rica. Alexander F. Skutch was born on May 20, 1904 in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1935, he moved to Costa Rica, El Valle del General; with contracts to collect plants for museums and botanical gardens in the US and Europe. This gave him enough money to develop different studies on birds.

Here he lived, with short absences in later years. He became a partner of the CST, in 1964, organization in which he held in two periods, positions within its Board of Directors. This enabled him to know the values ​​and seriousness of this organization. In 1993, Dr. Skutch, approached the CCT aware of his advanced age and concerned about the fate of the forest.

Thanks to the contributions from the CST, to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Weeden Foundation, Tara Foundation, Friends of the Monteverde Cloud Forest and some individual taxpayers, the CST could was able to buy “Los Cusingos” from Dr. Skutch, allowing him and his wife continued to live there, according to his own desire, until the day of his death, their graves are located on the site. In order to protect and honor the effort of a lifetime to conserve nature, CST has made The Cusingos a sanctuary for birds.


In 1999, the Center again recognized the merit of  Dr. Alexander, to build the Alexander Skutch Research Laboratory, at Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Perhaps the most important contribution of Mr. Alexander for Ornithology has been having performed comprehensive studies of the habits of about 300 birds of the American tropics, including the quetzal "bird of superlative beauty" according to his own words.


It also showed that the procreation of tropical birds is slower than that of the same families further North; He also studied the seed dispersal by birds and mammals. Alexander F. Skutch died on May 12, 2004. In recognition of his important contributions to research and conservation, we, YFSE, declare him an Environmental Hero.