Corporate donation

Trade and advertising are necessary but are not appropriate for YFSE, because it is a non-profit foundation; therefore, private enterprise is a great ally, that within the framework of social responsibility, can make significant corporate donations to benefit the environment, the community and the company itself, because in this way agreements are reached to help preserve the planet and access LED lighting, plus these being tax deductible contributions.

  • USD$500
    Five hundred US dollars

  • USD$1000
    Thousand US dollars

  • USD$2 500
    Two thousand five hundred dollars

  • USD$5 000
    Five thousand US dollars

  • USD$7 500
    Seven thousand five hundred US dollars

  • USD$9 000
    Nine thousand US dollars

The Foundation for Youth, Sports Environment and thanks you for your contribution, we invite you to complete the following fields to complete your donation.
If you wish, you can be a volunteer YFSE simply answering the question: Do you want to be a volunteer? within the form.


  • $50

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