Fundacion para la Juventud el Ambiente y los Deportes

We empower youth through sports and promote environmental awareness, reforesting, building healthier and more sustainable communities.


Protecting Nature Since 1993

YFSE began collaborating with the Costa Rican community on October 27, 1993, through an alliance with the National Youth Movement. In response to the threat of deforestation, YFSE created the "Podemos ser Heroes PSH®" program to find solutions.

The foundation is dedicated to providing educational, environmental, and sports opportunities to empower future generations. YFSE can receive tax-deductible donations and work with various entities to combat inequality and social exclusion.

Why should we plant trees?

Planting trees is crucial for our planet's health and our well-being, so we invite you to discover how these benefits make tree planting an essential part of creating a sustainable future:

CO2 Capture

Trees absorb CO2 during photosynthesis, thereby reducing the concentration of this greenhouse gas responsible for climate change.

Oxygen Production

Through photosynthesis, trees generate oxygen, a vital element for the respiration of humans, animals, and other organisms.

Biodiversity Conservation

Forests serve as natural habitats for a wide variety of animal and plant species. By planting trees, we contribute to biodiversity preservation and the protection of vulnerable ecosystems.

Climate Regulation

Forests play a crucial role in regulating both local and global climates. They help mitigate extreme temperatures, control soil erosion, and maintain water balance in nature.

Improved Air and Water Quality

Trees filter pollutants from the air and water, enhancing the quality of these vital resources for life.

Sustainable Resource Generation

Tree planting also provides renewable and sustainable resources, such as wood, fruits, fibers, and natural medicines, benefiting both local communities and the environment.

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Discover our projects

YFSE offers a wide range of programs designed to address various environmental and social issues, from reforestation initiatives to biodiversity conservation projects, each YFSE program is carefully crafted to generate a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

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