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FUNDACION PARA LA JUVENTUD EL AMBIENTE Y LOS DEPORTES  (YFSE for its acronym in English, The Youth Foundation for Sport and Environment ), created on October 27, 1993, was originally named Fundación Génesis Para el Desarrollo del Joven y el Deporte Costarricense. It held this name until September 20, 2004, when it adopted its current legal name. The foundation aims to promote and develop sports in Costa Rica to achieve better social coexistence, helping youth to realize their potential as good citizens through various programs that explore scientific, educational, cultural, and sports fields. It operates under the provisions of the Foundation Law number 5338, dated August 28, 1973.

YFSE, whose goal is environmental education on topics such as energy efficiency, public health, carbon neutrality, occupational health, economic savings, lifespan of lighting devices, human development, and others related to the benefits derived from the use of PSH LED® devices for the benefit of the environment and life. The underlying idea is to avoid costs to the state in mitigating problems that can be preventable or solvable from a risk management perspective. Investing in good prevention eliminates the root cause of the problem, instilling tomorrow’s citizens with a series of social and human values, steering them away from drug addiction, criminality, and harm to natural resources, especially in the area of reforestation. All of this results in the overall well-being of our society and our planet.

The objectives of YFSE include:

  • Promotion, development, protection, and encouragement of studies and research on social, cultural, sports, and forestry topics.
  • Dissemination of these studies through publications and other means to prompt effective actions.
  • Training of individuals interested in public life according to the values of humanism, democracy, and community personalism.
  • Promotion of Latin American youth and ideas that boost sports in Latin America, as well as environmental protection.
  • Encouragement of social services and activities, especially in favor of youth and children, equal opportunities for women, the elderly, the disabled, and resource-poor sectors, and plans for the preservation of natural resources.
  • Training and cooperation for social and economic development.
  • Implementation of mechanisms and training programs for job insertion, support for productive alternatives, and reforestation plans.
  • Development of environmental training as a suitable tool for sustainable development.
  • Generation of actions aimed at strengthening democracy and peace in the Latin American region.
  • Any other cultural activity aimed at promoting objectives of common utility, inspired by humanism, peace, democracy, and in accordance with the provisions of the previous sections.

To achieve its objectives, YFSE promotes the development of relevant projects and programs, with an emphasis on those deemed most important in areas such as reforestation, art, ecology, recreation, sports activities, ecotourism, environmental education, among many others.
YFSE focuses its greatest effort and hope on youth, believing that if a change can be achieved in the present, the medium and long-term benefits will save many lives.


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