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This document details the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, and Cookie Policy, items that will henceforth be referred to as “THE AGREEMENT” applicable to the use of the website yfse.org, a platform where donations can be received, which will henceforth be referred to as “THE SITE.”
THE AGREEMENT must be read, understood, accepted, and complied with by users of THE SITE, henceforth referred to in the singular form as “USER” and in the plural form as “USERS” for future references within this document and always applicable in the current version at the time of its use.


It may be freely updated by YFSE whenever it deems appropriate. These updates will take immediate legal effect from the time they are published on THE SITES. Additionally, YFSE is not obligated to announce these updates through any written, visual, audible, or digital medium.
YFSE does not and will never compel anyone to engage in any activity on THE SITE under any argument of utility, procedure, or process. USERS who do not accept THE AGREEMENT may use THE SITE at their own responsibility. YFSE will ALWAYS assume that USERS of THE SITE accept the terms set forth in THE AGREEMENT; otherwise, YFSE is not responsible for the use and consequences that may result for the USER.


THE SITE allows USERS to access, learn about, and use the programs offered by YFSE, which may only be used by THE USER strictly for personal purposes in favor of the Environment and never for commercial purposes.
Similarly, THE USER may not copy, publish, commercialize, reproduce, adapt, or make modifications to THE SITE. They may not use or commercially exploit the content of THE SITE without written authorization from YFSE.
YFSE may modify, suspend, or remove at any time and without prior notice, the services and content of THE SITE, as well as the mechanics, requirements, and conditions for its access via the Internet, any medium, or computer network.


YFSE has a series of professionals and procedures that certify that the educational and technical information is clear and truthful.
In case any error of any kind occurs, beyond our control, it would be immediately corrected.


A donation is the act of giving funds or other material goods, generally for reasons of solidarity between two physical or legal entities.
For the purposes of this document, the word DONATION should be taken under this definition.


The Tax Administration of the Ministry of Finance ratifies the letter N D-832 of December 1, 2003, which authorizes YFSE to receive tax-deductible donations as an expense of the donors’ gross income, provided that they are made by legal or natural persons with profit activities.
It is warned that, for donations to be effective, YFSE must issue the corresponding receipt or another reliable document duly signed or stamped by the receiving bank entity with which YFSE has a registered account, receipt, or document that must be kept by the donor, for presentation to the Tax Administration when required, and to verify and credit the donation as a tax incentive.
A copy of this letter will be sent to the Taxpayer Registration Area of this Tax Administration, to note what is stated in this letter and to register YFSE with the legal identification number 3-006-144920, as a beneficiary to receive donations as a deductible expense of the donors’ gross income.
It is worth noting that these authorizations are generic for the beneficiary YFSE, so it is not necessary to request authorization each time a donation is to be received.


  • Donations to YFSE can only be made in US dollars. There are two types of donations: PERSONAL and CORPORATE. The natural or legal person may choose one of the suggested amounts to make DONATIONS to YFSE or DONATE the amount they wish in the category OTHERS.
    Additionally, they may receive in return for expressly established donations T-shirts and/or products related to YFSE and its programs under the merchandising system in our virtual store.
    The donation amount for our products is displayed by default in US dollars. The exchange rate is updated automatically, however, depending on the conditions of the foreign exchange market, we reserve the right to modify the exchange rate at any time without prior notice.
    As part of the identification process with WE CAN BE HEROES, YFSE’s main program, the action of DONATING will be represented on THE SITE by the statement “BE A HERO,” found only in the menu called “BE A HERO” regarding donations.
    If the DONATION is made under the merchandising system, it should be noted that:
    – THE SITE will allow the USER to view the catalog of available products via the Internet.
    – The donation methods will only be those authorized on THE SITE for such purposes.
    – To acquire merchandising products, you must enter THE SITE and start the DONATION process.
    – When starting the DONATION process, USERS of THE SITE can determine which products they want in return for their monetary DONATION.
    – USERS must accurately enter the data requested by THE SITE for the subsequent delivery of the material.
    – USERS who start the DONATION process through THE SITE agree to make the donation payment by deposit, transfer, or through the payment system provided to YFSE by THE NATIONAL BANK OF COSTA RICA.
    – USERS will receive to the email address indicated during the DONATION process information about the DONATION process, product listings, the requested data, donation confirmation if done through THE SITE, account numbers for transfer or deposits if the DONATION was not made through THE SITE, and the DONATION RECEIPT required when collecting or receiving the product.- THE USER is RESPONSIBLE for reading thoroughly, accepting, and confirming THE AGREEMENT before making the DONATION. Changes, refunds, and/or returns are not allowed for this reason.
    – The confirmation of the DONATION you make with your credit or debit card is subject to the authorization of the issuing company; YFSE is NOT legally obliged to deliver the products under this scenario, leaving it to YFSE’s discretion how to proceed with the DONATION orders generated in these cases.
    – The delivery of the product will be made at the locations indicated by the USER for such purposes according to their personal convenience.
    – The requested products can only be received or collected by the Holder of the Credit or Debit Card with which the DONATION was made.
    – To make such collection, the following must be presented:
    – A valid and up-to-date identification document of the Credit or Debit Card Holder with which the DONATION was made. If foreign, preferably a residence card or passport.
    – Printout of the DONATION receipt made on THE SITE showing all customer data and the type of DONATION made.
    – In principle, there will be no restriction on the number of products donated to USERS through THE SITE. However, YFSE reserves the right to modify this clause at its convenience if any anomaly or abuse is detected by any person or institution.
    – Donation amounts do not include the transportation cost.
    – YFSE is not responsible for the USER NOT BEING AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY or not collecting their products in a timely and appropriate manner.
    At YFSE, we guarantee that each of your transactions with us is 100% secure.
    All operations involving the transmission of personal or banking data are carried out using a secure environment. YFSE uses a secure server based on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security technology. All the information you transmit to us travels encrypted through the network.
    Credit/Debit, we connect you through a secure connection directly to the Sales Terminal of the financial entity, where you will enter the data of your card as instructed and validate it.
    YFSE DOES NOT record this information in its database as it has no access to it.

Detailed information about DONATIONS with Credit/Debit Cards:
The ECommerce pair provided by THE NATIONAL BANK OF COSTA RICA is prepared to work in a completely secure mode within the online donation operations, that is:
1. It will attempt to contact the card-issuing bank to request the holder’s authentication (verification of their identity) before requesting the corresponding authorization request. This ensures that only the genuine cardholder can operate with it.
2. It implements SSL in all communications that prevent the interception of information by third parties. Therefore, confidentiality is ensured in all communications established during the transaction.
3. It also enables mechanisms to prove the authenticity of the origin of the transactions and prevents the manipulation of data by third parties. This ensures the integrity of transaction data.
4. The card data is not known by YFSE, preventing this information from being used fraudulently by third parties afterward. (The best way to safeguard sensitive customer information in commerce is NOT to have it).
Therefore, all transactions carried out through our API will have all the security, confidentiality, and integrity guarantees for the participating agents: cardholders and their issuing entities, and merchants and their acquiring entities.
The data concerning your credit card number is only recorded by the financial entities we work with. Additionally, a data encryption system with maximum security is used. YFSE does not record this information at any time.


If you select Bank Deposit as the donation method, you will receive by email the donation confirmation details and account information to which the donation must be made, with the account number to make the deposit to THE NATIONAL BANK OF COSTA RICA. Account in dollars number: 200-02-080-521180-1. Client Account in dollars number: 15108020025211800 in the name of: FOUNDATION FOR YOUTH, THE ENVIRONMENT, AND SPORTS. Legal ID: 3-006-144920. Once you have it, you must email

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